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My Alberta Vacation

My Alberta Vacation

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My name is Tori Lamb, and this year, I was in charge of organizing a vacation out west for my family and me. Gail (my grandma), Bruce (my dad), and I all wanted to go out west to see the Calgary Stampede. It was an idea that we'd been toying with for a number of years now, and we thought that it was finally time to git-r-dun. Jenny (my mom), and Karen (my sister), are not that into horses, but they were okay to come on this trip, provided that it didn't become to "horsey".

Gail, Bruce and I all started coming up with more ideas as to what we should do while we were out west. Soon we were planning a day at Spruce Meadows, a trail ride through the mountains, then the Stampede, and then a day to just visit some old friends out west and to relax. This had turned into a very horsey vacation! Jenny and Karen decided to book a cruise for themselves in August instead, and they'd meet Bruce and I in Regina for the last part of our trip.

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A trip made for visiting the Calgary Stampede had soon evolved into a full week trip. Click on the links in the menu above to read more about what went on in Alberta, to see pictures, and to read stories about of wonderful adventure out west!

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